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Waterfall Snowman Card

Posted by Sarmin Lancaster on

Good afternoon everyone! Hope your day has been a wonderful one. Today we will be making this incredibly fun waterfall card. So much fun that, my 5 year old and 2 year old played so much with it that I couldn’t even take a great picture of it before it got torn by my 2 year old. But I didn’t stress about it and knew you all would understand. I was just glad my little one was able to be entertained for a little while. Here are the instructions for this extremely easy, fun-filled snowman waterfall card. 

Cut cardstock at 9 by 2” and score at 2”, 2 3/4, 3.5, and 4 1/4

Crease and varnish each score line

Cut your mat piece at 5 1/4 by 4”

Cut your square pieces at 2 by 2” (you will need 4 of these)

Cut your mat pieces for your squares at 1 7/8 (you will need 4 of these as well.)

Cut another strip at 1 1/4 by 4”

Stamp all your 1 7/8 squares and glue to the 2” square mats.

Attach your 4” strip to the card mat piece. Attach by gluing only at the outer edgess and leaving the middle open for the sliding mechanism to fit into. (See video tutorial for a bit more clarification.) 

Slide your mechanism into that open slit, and glue the mechanism down by putting adhesive on the 4” strip. You should have a little tab hanging down to slide the mechanism up and down. (Again, please watch the video for a bit more clarification.)  Punch a hole on the tab that is sticking out and attach either a ribbon or twine. 

Attach the 4 squares onto the mechanism.

 Glue the card mat to a A2 size card base. 

There you have it. In written form, it seems a lot more difficult but once you make this card, it is super fun and easy to make. In fact, my 5 year old and 2 year old both want to make these. It is a pretty fun kids project! 

Supplies List


Brutus Monroe Alabaster Ink

Versafine Onyx Black

Art Glitter Glue

Fine metal Tip

Scoring Tool

Bone Folder

Squeaky Clean

Stamp Cleaner

Snow Peeking Stamp Set

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  • I agree with your kids, this is such a fun card. You did a great job making it look like an easy card to make. Love it. Thank you.

    Fran Smith on
  • Wow !! That’s such a fun card !

    Marjorie Dumontier on

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