Christmas Jot/Photo Journal Walk Through and Video Process



This journal was the focus of our recent class at our store, I love how mine turned out and I have to say that Ms. Brenda (our teacher) really made me step out of the box.  No measuring, no rulers, no rules!  She loved when we could play and just try something if we thought it looked good and went for it then it was right!

This video is a page by page walk through, my process video is below


We started with card board, we cut boxes we had from deliveries here at the shop and the sizes were:

4 pieces 5x10

1 piece 5 x 8

We then used these supplies:

Twas the Night Before Christmas Paper Pack


Art Glitter Glue

Sticky Tape

Binder Rings, ours were about 2 inches but you could use larger or smaller.



Bling (just from our stash)

and our imagination!


I hope you will try this, any paper pack would be awesome to use and even digging in your scraps and making it with what you have would be awesome!



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Neppie Hay

Neppie Hay

This is beautiful. I need to make one. Now to find a box to cut up. :) Thanks for sharing.

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