Maymay's Ink Bandit {C318}

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The Ink Bandit is the brainchild of Maymay! A way to keep the work flow going when you are mass producing with ink. This little Bandit allows you to not have to continue to turn the ink over and place on your desk after each application. You can simply keep the ink upside down and resting on your Bandit.

The Ink Bandit is NOT for long term ink pad storage, only for use when the ink pad is being utilized. Be sure to place the cap on your ink after every completed project or if you are walking away from your project for any period of time.

Be mindful that the ink will transfer from your rubber bands from one pad to another. Be sure to change out the bands as needed when using different inks to prevent cross contamination.

Watch the attached video for instructions on assembly and use. Customize your ink bandit to your liking! Your package will include 6 wooden parts (1 large base, 2 long sides, and 2 short sides) and 6 rubber bands. 

Ink Bandits are proudly made in The Clack Shack in Clanton, AL. Special thanks to Clack for making this dream a reality! Be sure to check out The Clack Shack on Youtube at:

Assembly instructions:

1. Glue both the long sides (short teeth down) to the base. The teeth will interlock with the base teeth. Allow to dry. 

2. Glue both the short sides (smooth edge to the top) to the base and long sides. Allow to dry. 

3. Place the rubber bands across the larger teeth on the top of the box going across to create the platform for the ink. 

WARNING: CHOCKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 years. 

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