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Frequently Asked Questions

I made a mistake in my order, wrong address, forgot coupon code, etc.  Can you edit my order after it is placed?

No, unfortunately once and order is placed and submitted we cannot edit it.  Please double check your information before submitting your order.

I placed my order and want to add something to it, can I do that?

No, unfortunately once an order is placed and submitted we cannot edit it.

If I placed two separate orders can shipping be combined?

No, unfortunately once an order is placed and submitted we cannot edit it.

I was shipped the wrong item, how do I return it to get the correct one?

Please send and email to and she will start the return/exchange process for you.

Do you restock sold out items?

We do restock most items.  Maymay Made It stamp sets are always restocked.  Christmas Stamp Sets are brought back in July of each year.  For items that are ordered from other companies, we will carry them if they are not discontinued or the popularity of the item does not change.

Can I pre order new or soon to be released items?

Not at this time, we currently do not operate with pre orders.  Maymay is always afraid something will happen and we will not receive the items or the amount that we ordered may be adjusted without our knowledge and be a nightmare!

Why am I charged taxes?

If you live in Alabama (Roll Tide from Vinnie) then you will be charged the applicable State, County, City taxes.

My order is lost or missing, what happens now?

In most cases we can track down the package, we ask that you contact to start the process.  We aren't responsible for lost packages but we will do all we can to insure your package gets to you.  

I am a club member but cannot find my free shipping code?

You will receive a welcome email when you sign up for the club the free shipping code is at the end of the email.  If you do not receive the email, please email  Please include the name on the club account and the email associated with it in your email, chat or voice message.

How can I get notification of when a product is back in stock?

If you set up a free account on you can add products to your wishlist, then when a product is restocked you will be sent an email to the address you set in your account letting you know the product is back.