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How to Measure for Paper Crafters

Posted by Amy Helms on

Hey Guys, 

Many of you have asked me to redo the measurement guide from my How to Measure video above.  I unfortunately lost the original file when my old blog was hacked, hackers gonna hack no matter what!

Anyway, a wonderful subscriber happened to have saved this file and sent it to me.  I am afraid it has become a little grainy in the pass around but I think it is still ledgable.

Hope this helps you with your measuring!

PDF of helper rulers 

Happy Measuring,


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  • Thank you so much for breaking it down the way you did. I have always struggled in math and reading a ruler has always been challenging for me. I’ve had several people try to teach me and although it is very helpful how they’ve helped me, it never sticks. Having the ruler in the PDF you created is very helpful. I’ll definitely keep this by my desk when crafting.

    Marisela Spaulding on
  • “No batteries required”

    Hi Maymay,

    First of all I want to thank you for being who you are. You have become a true friend to me even if only via computer. Lol. I love the Hide His Sword in my heart series. It has made reading scripture a lot more meaningful to me. PS I give kuddos to you and your husband for those amazing boys you have this weeks live program was awesome how the boys just came in and jumped on board. The world needs more men like this.

    OK so the reason for this note was I just watched a video you did with the 40 cents. Cantfind it now but you were asking for name suggestions. I instantly thought of " No batteries required" how do you like this one. Hope u like it.

    Liz on

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