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heART Scripture Art Journal Overview for 2017

Posted by Amy Helms on

I am so excited to continue our heART journaling in 2017.  This is our third year of journaling each week together.  This year, we are going to delve even deeper into the scripture, very easily, do not worry, it will be super easy to follow and you will begin to spend daily time in the word.

The video above is an explanation of how we will do the journal next year.  I am also going to do a complete written explanation of it as well here.

So, what is heART journaling?  In 2014, I was in prayer for a way to bring my love of the Lord to my YouTube channel but in a way that it was easy for everyone to enjoy and not so that people feel excluded if they didn't believe.  Late one night as I was coming home from church God spoke to my heart about art journaling scripture.  I had no idea that this even existed, I started searching and saw beautiful art journal pages and some that were even done using scripture.  So I purchased a blank artist book, a big one, and started doing art pages weekly.  Many of you joined in, we started a facebook group and now have more than 4000 members that participate and we have become quite a family!

What will be new in 2017?  Last year we started doing more journaling about the scripture and how we were experiencing it in our lives once a week.  This year we are going to intentionally visit the scriptures daily.  I have created a free PDF printable for you to use when laying out your journal, it will have all the spaces you need to write your daily "sentence journal" entries on.  I have also created a stamp set for those of you that would like to use it in your journals.  THERE IS NO NEED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING TO BE A PART OF THIS.  I do have the journal I am going to use available in my online store but you can use anything you have to participate, composition books, loose leaf paper, even spiral bound notebooks.  I do not want anything to interfere with you learning the word of God.

When will we get the new scripture video each week?  In previous years I have posted on Friday my video of my journal and the scripture for you to use in your journal.  This year I will be posting the video on Sunday mornings at 9:00am CST.  There are a few reasons for this, one is I like the idea of sharing the word with you guys on Sunday.  Some of our group members are not able to get out of their homes and attend a church service and this has become an important part of their worship.  Another reason is because we will be sentence journaling daily it will be nice to start on Sunday and work through the week from the first day of the week.  Do not worry, I will not be filming and uploading on Sunday.  I will pre film the video and schedule them to upload on Sunday mornings, I will be in church on Sundays and I won't be working on Sunday.  

What do I do if I found you late in the year?  You can start journaling anytime.  I always suggest you skip the pages in the front of your journal that will allow you to go back and do previous weeks if you desire.  Then just start where ever we are at the time.

What if I don't do facebook?  No problem, the facebook group is just a bonus.  It is a place for the scripture list to be posted, our bible study happens there and our prayer list is updated there.  You do not have to have a facebook account to participate.  My weekly YouTube videos are all you really need to see to participate.

Where do you get the scriptures from and can I get them early?  The first year we started I used a list I got from a website of scriptures to memorize in a year.  Last year, I let God show me the scripture he had for the week and I really enjoyed the prayer time I had with him as I searched what he wanted to say so I am going to let him guide again this year.  So we won't be able to have the scriptures early.  I do keep a list on the facebook group if you are looking to catch up and I have a playlist of the videos to help as well on YouTube.

Where can I see previous years videos?  I have playlists on my YouTube channel that are done by year and all the videos I did in that year are there.  I may not have each week in the videos because some weeks I may have not journaled or I may have encouraged you to do a scripture on your own that week.

What translation of the bible do you use?  I prefer the ESV (English Standard Version) and I also use the NIV (New International Version) and the KJV (King James Version).  I may use other translations from time to time.  I am not a person that believes that you must only use the KJV.  The KJV is a translation in itself and I prefer to read multiple translations to help me understand the word.  Unless you read the original script all bibles we read are translations.

PDF Printable:  click here 

Sketch Book I use:

I hope this answers most of your questions, if not, ask a question here and I will add them to the post so others can get answers as well.

Grab your bible, grab your journal and art supplies and let's get started!

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  • Will there be a monthly giveaway this year?

    Lisa Girard on
  • Scripture journaling with art really helps my mind to comprehend and remember what I’m reading. The face book group also reinforces the scripture. I find myself sharing more with my husband.
    A good place to visit in this crazy world.

    Robin Nest on
  • I am one of the people who are not able to go to church on Sundays and really miss it. I am looking forward to being able to have this to help me study the Bible. Thanks you for loading the videos to come on Sunday. I just found you so I am going to be a week late starting, but that is not bad.

    Lisa Conway on
  • Hi MayMay, Thank you for all your hard work. I just finished reading the post above and wented to also bring up that there is a very good app for a Bible and it’s been very good. You can go though and fined many different translations. I love the KJV but it’s easier to us a NKJV, my physical Bible is the NKJV, I love being able to have many translations to understand the word that I working on.
    Thanks again Claudette

    Claudette on
  • Today was my first enter in my heart journal. I am so excited to explore more of God’s word. Really have not pickup my Bible in 2 years. But I did todau and I’m looking so forward to this study. Thank you for all you do. You are a blessing to us all.

    Melissa Morales on

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