Paper Cone and Rosette Ornament


Traditions are always a wonderful thing and today we are making a beautiful Christmas ornament that will surely be one that you hand down thru the generations. It looks so complicated but Maymay makes it so easy to create. So gather up those supplies and let's create! 



1 piece of white cardstock cut to 4 1/2" Use whatcha got around the house to trace the circle on the cardstock and the cut it out. 


Cut several 2" circles from patterned papers, then use your bone folder and "roll" the circles into cones. (see video) We used red and green patterned papers. 


Take the cones, we started with the red cones and glue them to the base circle. See the video for placement. 


Once the red ones or first layer has been glued, add the second layer. Make sure to glue the second layer to the white circle base and not the previously placed cones to ensure a good shape. See the video for the placement. 


 We used 32 cones for the back layer and 18 for the front layer


Cut 1 strip that is 1 1/2 x 12 "~ Score at 1/4" along the entire strip, then accordion pleat the entire strip. Place sticky tape at one end and join to the other end to form a circle. You will then shape this into a rosette and glue to a 3/4" circle base. See the video. 

Once rosette is formed glue this to the center of the cone section. We used a riser in the center to give more room for the branch decoration to be inserted.  

This riser can be made out of scrap wood ( like we used) or foam, chipboard or a button. 

~ Next cut a piece of patterned paper the cover up the workings on the back side of the ornament. 

Now decorate! We used glitter cardstock to create branches and used chipboard cutouts to decorate our ornament. We used a gorgeous red ribbon to create a hanger and a bow.

Supplies used: 

Celebrate Christmas collection paper and chipboard accents

Branch Punch

Brutus Monroe Glitter Cardstock

2" Circle Punch

Art Glitter Glue

TH Shears

Bone Folder

Sticky Tape

Scotty ( aka Scotch Foam Tape) 




Please remember to head on over to our Facebook group, Maymay Made It and So Did I: a place to share your Maymay inspired projects.  We love to see your versions. You can also showcase your creations on the Customer Gallery, to show us what you are making with the products you have purchased from our store.

2" circle punchArt glitter glueBone folderBranch punchBrutus monroe glitter cardstockCelebrate christmas paper collectionScotch foam tape rollSticky tapeTim holtz shears

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