Hi! Bug here from @mediocreartsandcrafts. I’m so excited to share my Paper Shadow Box with you today. It features the Carta Bella Craft and Create Collection by Steven Duncan. With the elements in this collection you can make a shadow box perfect for a painter, knitter, needle craft expert and (of course) your favorite paper crafter.



Carta Bella Paper Company Craft and Create collection

Art Glitter Glue

Paper Trimmer


Teflon Bone Folder

Adhesive Foam Roll


--Score your 12x12 sheet.

--Score at ¾” – 1 ½” – 2 ¼” and 3”

--Score all four sides the same way



--On the North and South sides of your paper, score at 3 ¾” and 8 ¼” These two score lines will go down 1 ½” Only. (Cross your first score line and stop at the second score line)
--Cut away corners. See photo and/or video for example.
--Fold and burnish at each score
--Glue the two sides with the straight sides.
--Using the scores create a tight 3/4” tube.
--Next glue the two remaining sides in the same fashion. This creates a square frame that surrounds a 4.5” opening
--Choose the 4x4 cut apart of your choice and glue it in the opening, attempting to center
--Adhere stickers - some on single pieces of foam and others on two or three pieces of foam to create different layers.

--Apply “create” banner stickers across the top of your frame


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Karen Horn

Karen Horn

Cool project

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