Maymay's 2021 Spring/Summer DT Bug Scott God Bless America Paper Challenge
God Bless America Paper Challenge....Hi! Bug here from @mediocreartsandcrafts. This project is a little outside my zone - but a great example of how a little papercrafting knowledge can translate into some fun home décor.
Here is a video of Maymay making rosettes!



Carta Bella God Bless America 12X12 Paper Collection

12’x12” Wooden Frame

Brutus Monroe Alabaster Pigment Ink

Nuvo Dual End Blender Brush

EK Success ¾” Paper Punch

EK Success 1 ¾” Paper Punch

Art Glitter Glue

Paper Trimmer


Teflon Bone Folder

Adhesive Foam Roll

Elizabeth Craft ¼” Double Sided Adhesive


1. Using your Alabaster ink and Nuvo Blender Brush, stipple ink around the frame, just to bring down the yellowness of the wood. As I stippled, I also ‘wipe away’ the ink to leave a very light uneven layer of ink on the frame.



2. From the paper pack, set aside the Star Spangled Banner sheet music, cut apart strips and sticker sheet. And choose the papers that you want to create your rosettes from. For the two inch wide rosettes, you want 2 pieces of cardstock measuring 12”x1”. <For each rosette you will cut 2 strips at 12 inches long. To determine the width of the strips, decide how wide you want your finished rosette to be, and half it. For a 6” rosette, cut two strips that measure 12”x3”> Place your cut pieces in your scoreboard and score at every half inch (1/2”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” etc) all the way across. Fan fold each half



3. Your two rosette strips will attach to each other to for a circle. Glue the first folded ‘tab’ of one sheet to the last folded tab of the other as show. Form into a cylinder and do the same at the other end.



4. With your fan folded cylinder on your work surface, gather the folds together and press inward to flatten. Rosettes seem a little awkward at first but once you do a few, you get some muscle memory and it becomes easy!



5. Attach the rosette to a circle punched piece of cardstock using your art glitter glue. If you have and love a glue gun, you can also use it at this point, but for me art glitter glue dries pretty quickly and doesn’t burn. Here I use a combination of the stickers, and circle punched card stock to decorate the front of the rosettes using Art Glitter Glue.



6. Attach Elizabeth Craft double sided adhesive to the back of the sheet music, and remove the backing. Add Art Glitter Glue and attach to your wood frame. Burnish to make sure the glue doesn’t make your paper bubble.



7. Deconstruct the cut apart strips and attach some of the banner stickers underneath the “Oh say can you see” strip. Pop up on foam ..I used three layers of scotty..and adhere to the sheet music across the matching image.



8. Attach the strip of the trucks the same way, only across the bottom about one inch from the bottom. Choose a few stickers and place them around your sheet music.



9. Glue a strip of the blue and white star paper across the top of your frame and center the Fourth of July sticker in the middle. Glue your rosettes around the outside of your frame, using Art Glitter Glue. For Rosettes that overlap, you can use foam to bridge the gap between the frame and the rosette.



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