Maymay's 2021 Spring/Summer DT Brittanee Bentley God Bless America Paper Challenge
God Bless America Paper Challenge.... Brittanee here @bbz_kraftz Time to show some patriotism with some fun decor using these book boxes using the God Bless America collection by Carta Bella. Fun part about it is that you can stack as many as you like, however you like, and wherever you like. Another perk is there’s additional storage for any little trinkets you may want to have stowed away.


Tools you’ll need:

God Bless America paper collection

Paper trimmer


Scoring tool

Tonic Studios Teflon Bone folder


Bearly Arts Precision Craft Glue

Coordinating cardstock

Foam tape


Cutting guide:

(2) God Bless America cardstock cut at 5 x 7 ½

(2) coordinating solid cardstock cut at 9x7

How to:

~Beginning with your decorative cardstock, on the 7 ½ side score at 3 ¼ and 4 ¼ Repeat this for both cardstock pieces.



~ On the solid cardstock beginning on the 7 inch side, score at 1 and 6. Rotate to the long side and score at 1, 4, 5, and 8. Repeat this for both cardstock pieces.
~Fold and smooth out your score lines on your solid cardstock
~Take your scissors and cut up on the score line to the joining score line on all the small squares
~Using your bearly arts glue, add glue to the small tabs you created and join them to the longer sides of the cardstock. The middle flaps you’ll join to what will be considered your top (either both middle tabs to the left side or both middle tabs to the right side) and form a pizza style, flip top box.
~We’re going to put that aside and work on the decorative cardstock. Smooth out your score lines and with your bone folder, try to round out the middle. This is the spine to your “book”. This will help the spine stand out a little more. You may have to utilize the edge of your table/desk to help it get really rounded.
~With your boxes, you’re going to add glue and adhere it to the right side of your book close to the score line of the spine. Make sure your box is going the correct direction, having the mouth of the opening to the right. Then you’ll add glue to the left side of your book and apply it to the top of your box. Repeat this process to the other book(s).
~Now to your liking, adhere the boxes one on top of the other. I did an offset with mine, but you can go straight up and down with yours.
~On to the fun part, decorating! Grab the sticker sheet from the God Bless America collection. If you want to add some dimension, grab your foam tape as well and apply it to your stickers and project.
There you have it! I do hope this will add a special red, white, and blue touch to your decor this season. Finish it off with fun necklaces and stars to truly make it stand out. Thanks so much and “see” you again soon!

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