Maymay’s Mintay Paper Designer Michelle’s Christmas Star

Hey Michelle here with a Mintay paper creation. This project can be hung on the tree, mantle, stockings, etc…..

Supplies needed:

Mintay paper collection-Winter Wonderland 

Art Glitter Glue


Paper trimmer


Bone folder

Toilet paper roll

Step One:
Fold 12” x 12” paper in half and trim width to 5-3/4”

Step Two:
Fold top left corner down to bottom edge. 2” away from bottom right corners edge. It’s helpful to line up with an upside down ruler. Folded edge should be on the left & open edge on the right. If working in cm 4cm away from bottom right corner.

Step Three:
Flip over and fold right flap inwards as shown.

Step Four:
Fold left side outward in half so both edges line up and cut diagonally up as shown. Start corner of open edge

Step Five:
Don’t stress if your line isn’t perfect. You can open and fold down into a v shape to trim edges as shown.

Open and fold all lines firmly. Short lines should turn in and long lines out.
Flip over and hot glue twine/ paper towel tube. Please take care when handling hot glue.


Step Six:
To make smaller outer star repeat steps 1-5 except use smaller sizes.
Fold 8”x 8” paper in half
Fold folded edge corner down to 1-1/2” mark or 4 cm.
Layer stars using brad. You can glue to attach. Just make sure your star is completely formed, folded, and lined up first.

Step Seven:
Add all of your pretty trims and bow. I used scored paper but you can use any trim. Pompom trim would also be adorable.
Paper trim 1/2” x 12” scored at 1/4”. Make approximately least 10 strips to go around. These can be hot glued for faster drying but please do be careful.

Step Eight:
For final touches add a paper bow, die cuts, ephemera, brads, etc.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed this project. I would suggest making a couple of practice stars on printer paper first. Happy holiday crafting Michelle

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Janet L Conant

Janet L Conant

Oh, how beautiful! Thanks for the detailed instructions, now to finish that roll of toilet paper!

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