Maymay’s Mintay Paper Design Team Foebel Star Wreath

Merry Christmas….this is Michelle with a fun wreath showcasing a Froebel Star and some gorgeous Mintay Christmas paper....



Step One:
Using chip or poster board trace simple objects such as plates and bowls. Place smaller circle inside of larger circle (leaving aprox. 2” border). Cut outside circle first and then inside circle. Don’t stress if your wreath form isn’t perfect. It will be covered. This step is the easiest and most important to start creating a paper wreath. My wreath form measures 10” x 10”.

Step Two:
Trim and score enough 2” x 12” strips to go around wreath form. Scoring at 1/4”. I also added 1/2” x 12” strips to outer and inner borders. ***pompom or ruffle trim added to borders would also look adorable.

Step Three:
If you choose to add the mini Froebel stars I would highly recommend watching a tutorial like “Maymay Made It Froebel Star Ornaments” on YouTube. It should pop right up when you search for it. Her tutorial was easiest for me to follow.
(Strip size for mini Froebel stars)
Cut four 1/2” x 12” strips fold in 1/2 and trim bulk access at top.Please watch video for folds.
When you reach the end only finish one side leaving one side flat. Glue to secure and trim access. I added 1/4” fish tails to bottom of stars.


Step Four:
Punch 6 scallop circles from glitter card-stock. Frost these and wreath using paint, drops, etc.

Step Five:
Cut out ephemera and carefully hot glue down scallops placing evenly apart (clockwise). If you chose to use Froebel stars they can be glued to the frosted scallops. (Frost)

Step Six:
You can make a bow using a bow maker or by following Maymay Made It Easy Peasy Bow on YouTube.
My bow strip measures 1-1/2” x 10”.

Thank you for visiting. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this project and find inspiration to create your very own paper wreath. The Mintay paper collections are truly inspiring. Happy crafting Michelle!

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