Maymay’s Mintay Designer Michelle’s New Years Wreath

Hello it’s Michelle here.....2020 has been a tough year and I wanted to create a cheerful New Year’s wreath. I’m hopeful that 2021 is going to be all things a wreath can represent!

Supply List:
• Mintay Winterland Collection
• Mintay Merry & Bright Collection
• Brutus Monroe Glitter Stock (Bow & Numbers)
• Hot Glue ( please be careful)
Craft Glue 
• Brads
• Sequins
Cutter Bee Scissors
Scotch Foam Tape
• Wooden Dowel (For Paper Curls)
Acrylic White Paint
• 11-1/2” x 11-1/2” Cardboard Pizza Round

Step One:
Cut a hole in the center of cardboard frozen pizza round. Leaving approximately 2” base.

Step Two:
Draw & cut three petal templates in three different sizes. Trace & cut each petal 8x.
Eight 1-1/2”
Eight 2-1/2”
Eight 3-1/2”
(Metal die cuts or stamps in three different sizes can be used instead ).
Score & fold all petals in half.

Step Three:
Assemble & form flowers by gluing all eight petals together. Glue 1/2 petal to the next 1/2 petal until all petals connect and form a flower. You will have three flowers when finished. Glue & layer all three flowers smallest(top) to largest(bottom). Make eight flowers or enough to cover wreath form. Centers can be decorated with brads & sequins.



Step Four:
Hot glue & cover wreath form with 3” x 12” strips scored every 1/2”.

Step Five:
Hot Glue & cover wreath with finished flowers.

Step Six:
Cut six 1/8” x 12” strips per flower.
Curl by wrapping around wooden dowel or pencil. Fold in half, glue, and tuck under bottom & middle petals. (Space evenly apart).

Step Seven:
Draw & Cut 2021.
(Metal die cuts or stamps can be used instead). Glue numbers to bottom four flowers.

Step Eight:
Make a paper bow. You could follow Maymay Made It Easy Peasy Bow instructions on YouTube or use a bow maker.
My paper strip size was 1-1/2 x 10”. Attach to top center with foam tape.

Step Nine:
Dip fingers in white acrylic or white chalk paint and finger paint edges of petals etc. This step is optional and can be done as you go. Edges can also be inked etc.

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! Happy Crafting!

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