Maymay’s Mintay Designer Michelle’s Hot Cocoa Pocket

Hello it’s Michelle with a easy Hot Cocoa Pocket project for you! These would make a great last minute gifts for teachers and coworkers......

Supply List:
Mintay Windows Book
Mintay Merry & Bright Collection
• Hot Cocoa
• Candy Cane
• Tinsel Garland
Craft Glue

Step One:
Cut 2 of the same windows (wide enough for hot cocoa to fit).
Embellish with sequins (optional).

Step Two:
Cut & score sides & bottom.
Cut according to height and width of windows.
2” width x height (bottom)
2” width x height (sides)
Score & fold every 1/2” as shown.

Step Three:
Glue 1/2” score line of bottom piece to inside of bottom of window as shown. Allow approximately 1/8” border exposed.

Step Four:
Glue sides on top of bottom piece & inside window as shown. Line up and again leave approximately 1/8” border exposed.


Step Five:
Glue second window on top of 1/2” score line.

Step Six:
Glue a tinsel piece on each side to desired length. Mine was approximately 5” in length.

Step Seven:
Fill with hot cocoa, candy cane, mini marshmallows, gift card, chocolate, tissue, etc.


I hope you enjoyed this simple & sweet project! Thank you for visiting and happy crafting!

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