IG DT Project Created by Maranda Mathis

DIY Travel Makeup Brush Holder/Stand


I was inspired to make this box fashioned closely after the Manga Prismacolor Colored Pencils box. The completed box is 7.5 x 6 x 1.25”. It will lay flat for travel and will make a stand when in use. Could also be used for things besides makeup brushes. I covered the box with Echo Park Fashionista papers and mixed & matched a couple of Maymay’s stamp sets for the sentiment to say “Happy each and every day”. Full instructions will go up on my YouTube channel - Multiplicity Crafts - tomorrow, August 23rd.

STEP 1: Begin with a piece of Kraft cardstock trimmed down to 8 x 11".
STEP 2: With paper facing vertically (portrait orientation), measure in from the right side 1.25" and score vertically... repeat on the left side. Then, you will make a couple of score lines at the bottom of the page. Measure up from the bottom at 2.25" and also at 3.5"... make pencil marks and score horizontally on both of these lines all the way across.
STEP 3: Cut slits in the horizontal score lines, stopping at the vertical score lines. Cut these slits on both sides of the paper for a total of four cuts.
STEP 4: On the slits you just cut, glue into place to form your interior case. Begin by gluing small tab to the larger flap and then adhering all to the box "wall". Decorate the interior case as you choose or leave blank until you finish the exterior case - the choice is yours. Now, it's time to move on to the exterior case cover.
STEP 1: Begin with 2 sheets of paper, both trimmed to 8.5" x 7.5".
STEP 2: With paper facing vertically (portrait orientation), measure in from the right side 1.25" and score vertically... repeat on the left side. This will be done to both sheets of paper.
STEP 3: At this point, the 2 sheets of paper are identical; however, now is the time to decide which piece is the front part of the box and which will be the back. The FRONT part will get a hole punched in the bottom center in order to run ribbon through. Although the back panel will have ribbon, it will not be ran through a hole-punched hole. So the one you hole punch is your FRONT panel. Secure ribbons inside both panels with adhesive (the only difference is the front panel's ribbon will string through a hole, the back panel will not).
STEP 4: Now, on the BACK panel only (one without hole punch), score at 3.75" up from the bottom, horizontally.
STEP 5: Make a diagonal template out of cardstock to draw sharply angled lines on both sides of both pieces of paper (both the front and back panels). However, on the BACK panel, you will not cut through the center, horizontal score line but you will on the FRONT panel.
STEP 6: Now, we will make a lid for the top of the box by adhering a 6x3" piece of cardstock, scored at 1" and 2" marks. Round edges of box lid if desired.
STEP 7: Glue front and back panels together on the sides only to create a box shell for your box base to fit into. Decorate as desired.

Supplies used:

Echo Park Fashionista papers

MMI God’s Blessings Stamp Set
MMI Big Time Sayings Stamp Set
Ruler -Tim Holtz
Scissors -Cutter Bee 
Adhesive- Art Glitter Glue
Hole Punch - Crop-a-dial
Scoring Tool

Art glitter glueBig time saying stamp setBoxesCrop-a-dile hole punchCutter bee scissorsFashionista paper packIg dt projectsPapercraftingTim holtz ruler

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