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How To Start Card Making Series {A2 Bases and Layers}

Posted by Tamatha Luehrs on

Tamatha: Hey guys Maymay has started a new series to help answer all those card making questions. Today is the first video in the series. So grab a cuppa cuppa and enjoy! 

Maymay : I love card making and teaching others to make cards. In this "series" I will discuss card making and hopefully answer lots of your questions.

Today we discuss A2 card bases and borders. I find that once you understand how to create a base for your card you can go anywhere with that. For A2 cards, cutting a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock in half either way will get you two bases that are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 when folded.

Then for borders, the trick is cutting your paper smaller than the base it is going on and then centering it to reveal your border. So if we cut a layer that is 1/4 of an inch shorter on two sides we get a 1/8 of an inch border. 

So this is hopefully a good start, keep a watch on Tuesdays as we dive into card making.

 Helpful supplies: 


Bone Folder



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  • Thank you for doing this basic series. There is so much that I can’t keep up with it all. I have the most trouble with what type or weight paper to use when. Also how to guess the approximate weight of card stock if it isn’t listed on the package. Then the adhesives are confusing as when to use tape runners, glue sticks, liquid glue, etc. I will follow the series since you explain things so I can understand. Thanks.

    Kathy S on
  • My advice to add is do not forget black or dark colored cardstock. The ways some of the inks show up on the darker colors is not always the way you think it will. It is amazing some of them. Dont rule out your white pens or just brights. Same thing with ink pads and stamps. You will be surprised how well some of it shows up!

    Thank you MayMay for this series!

    Rayanna Arthur on
  • Ideas for future series shows: adhesives, types of inks, types of stamps ( red rubber, photopolymer etc), the different types of designer papers and the weights, color theory,

    Toni on
  • Awesome start to the series. I still struggle and end up wasting cardstock. I made notes and have put them in my binder for the days I just can’t think. Thank you so much!!

    Toni on
  • Discuss types of adhesive, wet glues based on material being used. For example, use a atg, dot tape runner, glue stick vs. a wet glue on paper due to thinness of material can cause “buckling/ripples/warp” the paper. Wet adhesive takes longer to dry so you have to “hold” item together longer so it sticks vs. Tape runner adhesive which sticks right away, keep eye out for permanent vs. temparary tape runner/adhesive. I have been card making for over 20 years & the first year struggled with types of adhesive with types, thickness/grades of paper and/or cardstock. Thank you

    Rosa Giotta on

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