Domed Vintage Mother's Day Card by Crystal Cleveland

 Domed Vintage Mother's Day Card by Crystal Cleveland



This year my mother has been feeling very nostalgic. My mother and her one sister is all that's left out of a very large family. ( 22 aunts and uncles ) she's been sharing stories of her youth growing up during the depression. Her father had went off to war leaving his very young wife to care for 5 little children. My mother being the oldest had the responsibility of helping her mother and also witnessing her tears. One year my grandfather sent his wife a package for Mother's Day. It was a small 2 toned lavender box wrapped up in white satin ribbon and tied in a bow. Seeings how it was during the depression and he was stationed in Germany, one knew immediately that the contents of the box was something special and costed him quite a bit of money. Inside of the box was a matching  beautiful lavender 2 toned, domed card. It had a leaf pattern on it and heart embossed center. Inside he stating how much he missed her and much he appreciated her sacrifice and how he couldn't wait to come home to her and their children. My grandmother placed that card on her dresser where she would see it everyday.

When she would feel lonely or depressed she would pick up the card and reread his message to her. Years later after my grandmother passed we found that card in it's box with its tear stains and worn edges.

This Mother's Day I have tried to recreate the card my mother so fondly remembered her father sending her mother.

This card has several layers to it, but it's very easy to make. All the instructions I've found have been for 6x6 cards. I refigured this card to be 4.25 by 5.5 inches so it only uses 8.5" by 11" paper. I've also included bonus  instructions for a box. This card isn't really for sending in the mail unless you put it into another box. It's made to be hand delivered.

I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to seeing your cards on MaymayMadeItandsodidi Facebook site.

For this project I used the following items:

Sweet Sugarplum card stock

  1. 4.25" by 11" scored at 5.25" (hotdog style card)
  2. 4.25" by 6.5" for the dome on the long side score at 1/2 " on both ends

Rich Razzleberry card stock

  1. 3" by 3"

Very Vanilla card stock

  1. 4.25" by 5.5" inside of the domed 
  2. 4" by 5.25" inside of the card
  3. 2" by 3"  for the sentiment 


  1. Crumb Cake
  2. Sweet Sugarplum

Maymaymadeit stampsets:

  1. Relic
  2. Garden Party
  3. Happy


  1. Sweet Sugarplum ribbon
  2. Tiny Pearls


  1. Art glitter glue
  2. sticky tape
  3. glue dots

You will also need oval framelits or any shape that you may have 

On the small piece of very vanilla card stock stamp the sentiment from garden party with crumb cake Ink. Than cut cut with an oval framelite. Sponge the edges with crumb cake ink. I also sponged a little across the piece its self to soften it.

From rich razzleberry card stock cut an oval a little larger than the vanilla oval to create a mat. 

Using the Very Vanilla card stock that measures 4.25" by 5.5" this is the inside of the dome. Emboss this with an emboss folder making sure that the 4.25" side is up on your design.  Then sponge with Crumb Cake ink all around the edges and across the embossed areas. This gives the card a vintage feel. Add 3 small pearls.


Sponging the edges and the embossed area gives the card

more depth and a vintage look

Using the sweet sugarplum 4.24" by 6.5" cut a large oval in the center. Using a leaf stamp from the garden Party, stamp leaves using the Sweet Sugarplum ink stamping off first and then all over the card stock and sponge the edges as well. Fold on the score lines and place sticky tape on both sides of both ends.

There's sticky tape on both sides of the 1/4" flap side to stick to the embossed piece and to stick to the card base

Lay one end of the embossed piece up against the inside fold of the stamped sugarplumb card stock fold the sweet sugarplum edge over the embossed piece.


Repeat for the other side creating a domed affect. 


Stick this piece on top of the 4.25" by 11" base lining up the edges.

I measured wrong so my dome did't match completely with my base, but I didn't realize until I went to attach it ooops!
This looks off center, but it's not it's the angle of the camera. This card looks better in person. 

Place the 2 oval pieces on top of each other and add foam adhesive to attach the ovals inside of the front of the card. Add a sweet sugarplum ribbon bow to the front of the card.

Using the remaining piece of very vanilla card stock, stamp using Sweet Sugarplum ink using the same stamp as for the front of the card, stamp around the edges of the card stock and sponge the edges. Add the sentiment from Happy Happy Mother's Day to the center. Attach this piece to the inside of the card.

Maybe I should of used crumb cake ink instead what do you think?

Even hand delivered this card needs a box.

For the box:

To make a card for this box you will need these additional materials:

For the bottom:

Rich Razzleberry  stock measuring

8.25" by 9.5"

On one long side and one short side cut 1/16" inch off this will allow the lid to fit on the box just right ( only do this for the bottom piece).

Score on all 4 sides at 1/4" and 1-3/4".  Fold on the score lines and then cut away and trim as shown in the picture.

The black lines are the score lines 

Fold over and glue down  only the short ends. Press really hard to burnish the edges and to get the adhesive to soak into the card stock.

Place glue on each flap and fold into place to form a square box. Now fold down the 1/4" on the 2 long ends and press firmly. 



For the lid:

Sweet sugarplum card stock measuring

7.25" by 9.5"

Score at 1/4" and 1-1/4" a on all 4 sides. 

Using the same leaf stamp as for the card front and Sweet sugarplum ink stamp all over the card stock stamping off and then on turning the leaf in several directions.


Trim the card stock the same as for the bottom and assemble the same as the bottom.




 Sponge the edges of the box

Add your card to the box

Tie a ribbon around the box and add a special tag to your box

This Mother's Day make your mother a special card and let her know how much you love and appreciate her. If you make this card post it on facebook at maymaymadeitandsodidi we all like seeing what you our readers are making.

Happy Crafting!!

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