Confetti Shooter by Crystal Cleveland

Confetti Shooter by Crystal Cleveland

Like I said in an earlier post 4th of July is my favorite holiday!! My aunt that I was close to growing up ( she's only 6 years older than myself) her birthday is on the 4th of July. Everyone said she was a firecracker!! She is now living in Utah, which is so far away from Ohio where she grew up ( she's not in Kansas any more as the family says) So this year I decided to send her something a little extra special ---- a confetti shooter - as my husband has so named it when he was watching me make it. It can shoot confetti, paper money and even candy!! This can be made for anyone's birthday, I waited until my grandsons where gone to make this as I know William will leave this alone just like he leaves fidget spinners alone. Just can't happen. My husband thought I was crazy when he was watching me!!! I've had great fun myself testing it out!! 

Anyway back to the project! 

for this project I used the following items:

Mayaymadeit stamp set

Cut a small hole in the top of the balloon



The smaller the hole the better or the balloon won't stay on the tube. I made a 1/8" hole.I tried this 3 times before I had it small enough to stay on.

and then place the balloon over the toilet paper tube. Placing it about a quarter of the way up the tube. 

Then glue the designer paper to the tube and over the balloon.

Fold the down inside the top of the tube and then glue it down into place. 

I stamped out the sentiment celebrate from the stamp set and scanned it in my scan n cut and saved it and then cut it out on red card stock. I glued it to the front of the tube.


Next I cut our happy birthday from glitter paper using a die and then glued it to black card stock. Then I cut around the black card stock leaving a pole like at the bottom to glue to the back of the tube. Just don't glue clear to the edge of the tube leave at least 1/4".

Sorry for the ugly back ground I realized at the last minute
that I should take a photo 

Next I cut out the largest star from the die set and glued to the back of the Happy birthday. Added some stitches and stars.

Tie a knot in the balloon or your confetti will fall out. Add paper money, confetti, or candy inside the tube. Cut a piece of tulle 4" square place over the top of the tube and place a hair tie over to keep the tulle in place. 

Holding on to the tube with one hand, Pull down and release the balloon with the other hand and watch the magic!!

William wanted to demonstrate how to use the confetti shooter
and the confetti went every where !!!


 Happy Crafting!

My soul is fed with stamps and ink

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Carolyn Sue Meteer

Carolyn Sue Meteer

Love your videos! Started crafting again due to your inspiration!

Marji Miller

Marji Miller

These are so cuteQ I want to make some just for me! Thanks for sharing how! Big hugs.

Mary Poggemann

Mary Poggemann

Absolutely adorable! You are so imaginative! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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