Tuesday Project Folded Paper Fans

 We all love the summer time , but not that heat!!!! Today we made a folded fan! Do you remember these from childhood, from those hot summer evenings at church or a family gathering? Maymay has taken all the guess work out on how to create these fun, pretty and cooling fans. These would be great for an outdoor wedding, in the church pews and at that 4th of July picnic! So gather those supplies and let's create!

Supplies needed: 

Cardstock or designer series paper

Art Glitter Glue

Bone folder

Embossing stylus




 Hot glue and sticks


Craft sticks



~1 piece of 12 x 12 cardstock or designer paper, score at 1 inch across the paper, then turn and cut into 4 inch strips ( you will need to do the scoring first).This will give you 3 pieces.  We used a border punch on one side of the 4 inch strip to add some flair. 

~1 piece of cardstock cut to 1 x 4 inches


You can purchase the trimmer at Cricut.com and use the discount code MAYMAYMADE for 15% off and free shipping

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Verna Lapp

Verna Lapp

So cute!!

Allegra Parker

Allegra Parker

I absolutely loved this project. I plan to try it out

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