Thanksgiving Name Place Setting Glittered Polystyrene Pumpkin

Hello again,

In the UK we don't have Thanksgiving but as I have so many lovely American friends and followers I do get to create things for all y'alls Holidays (lol) 

I gave this polystyrene pumpkin a few coats of metallic gold acrylic paint, once dry I used mod podge at the top and sides so that I could adhere the glitter,  once dry I added the Stamped Sign post and labels from two stamp sets. I added the faux maple leaf to the base and the faux mushroom to give some autumnal tones. The label is tied around the pumpkin using the orange & white twine.



Items Used: 

Apple Of My Eye
Apple of my eyeGareth frewerJar of fun

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Lesa Seigler

Lesa Seigler

“Ya’lls” from an Englishman… thanks for the chuckle. I was just watching the live show with you and can just hear your accent with that word. I am a southerner so I can say…“Bless ’im”. LOL. All chuckles aside, I like the place holder, thanks for the nod. God Bless.

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