Scrap Booking Your Faith by Crystal Cleveland


 Scrap Booking Your Faith by Crystal Cleveland


The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid we would always go to my grandparents, they lived in a small quaint town of Granville. Every Fourth of July the center of town would be full of rides and food vendors. It was here that I had my first ferris wheel and carousel ride. Also my first taste of cotton candy and caramel apples. It was a whole week of celebration. There was the ladies chorale group preforming and the barber shop quartet and you can't forget the local high school band. The parade was phenomenal with the floats and the clowns (my favorite was the clown with the invisible dog) the antique fire trucks and tractors and of course the convertibles with the local elected officials. The floats seemed almost magical as they went by. As any kid we would watch carefully for the ones that would throw candy into the streets to us kids. It would always end with all the local kids with their tricycles and bicycles decorated for the holiday.

The whole neighborhood will gather at my grandparents house for a potluck picnic. There they played jokes on each other and would let off fire crackers.

As an adult I will sometimes go there just to reminisce about those days when my grandparents were still with me. I can still hear my grandfather explaining to me " in America we have 2 religious holidays" "Two?" I would ask him " I know about Thanksgiving thanking God for harvest of food. What's the other one?" He would smile and say "this one even more important, the Fourth of July it's a celebration of religious freedom, being able to worship God and to worship Him as you wish without fear of the government. A lot of good men died to give us this precious gift of freedom don't ever forget it. When we forget it, we will be destined to lose it!"

This month I wanted to do a design Team project for Fourth of July, but nothing inspired me. I had went to the library  when I came across this book Scrapbooking Your Faith. ( Scrapbooking is something Ive never done before) I actually checked it out and then misplaced it and it's been over due for 3 months now. I recently found it and after skimming through it I instantly knew what I was going to do - MY FIRST SCRAPBOOKING PAGE!  So take a look and let me know what you think! I hope I can inspire you to scrapbook your faith something to show several generations from now a glimpse of yourself and what you believe.

For this project I used the following items:

Maymaymadeit stamp sets:


I started off with a patriotic theme paper pack.

I laid out all my religious stamps, punches, dies, scissors and gel pens. I decided that I was only going to use the paper pack no embellishments from the store. I also decided that I wasn't going to use my cricut or my scan-n- cut. I wanted everyone to be able to make a page and to use what they have.

I went where the paper pack took me.

I started with picking out my background papers and cut out several 4" by 6" papers for my photos. I used the 4x6 papers to make sure that I leave enough space for my pictures. They are the main focus, right?


I cut stars stars and more stars, cutting stars inside of stars.  If you don't have a star die then trace off some stars from google and cut them out. I stamped off different sentiments and cut out banners.

One of my sheets just had words on it so I cut them out too.

I have 2 banner dies that I use, but you could cut out several small circles and cut in half and glue them on the back of a sentiment. Or you could cut squares or triangles.

Instead of journaling, I elected to type out my thoughts for the page, the theme, on my Mac in a shape of a star. I cut it out and then glued it to the paper pack and cut out a border around it.

Then I just started making card candy

To make card candy just layer different items together add sentiments whatever appeals to you! There is no wrong way!!! Lay your items out and add and take away as you like.

Note: I only glued the center of items together at first knowing that I could always go back and add more.

When I had several made I added them to the background and added more embellishments.

Then I laid them out on my back ground paper.

When I couldn't think of what to do I took a gel pen and made stitches around several of the stars and letters. By then another thought would come in my head. If not I would walk away and go do housework and come back later. I used posted notes and placed my thoughts on them and attached it to the page to do later.

I also made 3 d stars. I'm used to having a lot of dimension on my cards I'm not sure whether it's done for scrapbook pages or not, -but mine does!

For the 3d stars- I drew the score lines on the back of my star for you to see.

 Use your bone folder to get sharp folds

Then just fold one side at a time -5 times. It's a nifty addition to a flat star. I added 2 foam dots on top of each other and placed in the center of the star to help hold it up and glued the star points down.

Make sure you leave places for your photos!!


I have so much stuff left over I might add another page or to. As you may notice I cut the mats for the pictures down to the size of the photos, which I decided to cut them myself rather than crop them on my phone. Thats how I have all the different sizes.


Here's my final lay out.

Scrapbooking pages are a 2 spread layout, one with more embellishments and the second one more pictures. These pages will be my first pages and I will add second pages for both with more pictures of churches.I will have the total of 4 pages!! Not bad for the first time.

Show case your inspiration from this blog on the facebook group Maymaymadeitandsodidi we ALL love to see photos.

Best of all have fun!!


Happy Crafting!!




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