Paper Sunflower Folded Cone Wreath!

How to make the paper wreath:

PDF for Wreath Center Click Here

Paper Folded Cone Wreath Blog Post Click Here

Supplies to make Sunflower center:
3/4" Scallop Punch
Cutter Bee Scissors
Hot Glue Gun
Teflon Bone Folder
Smooth 80lb Cardstock from Paper Accents - Java

Need to cut out:
- 4 1/4" Circle
- 2 - 4" x 12"  and score both at 2"
- 6 - 2" x 12" and score all at 1"

- Fold and crease the 2" piece
- Snip about 1/4" all the way down on all 6 pieces
- Fold and Crease the 4" piece
- Snip about 1/8" all the way down on both pieces
- Use the bone folder to curl one of the 2" paper strips so that it will be easier to roll
- Make a tight roll out of the first piece and secure it with hot glue
- Glue the roll to the middle of brown 4 1/4" circle
- Add a little glue and start adding your next strip
- Continue adding your petal strips not pulling too tight
- Once all 2" piece have been added fold petals down
- For the 4" petals add a little hot glue and start wrapping the piece around and secure with hot glue then add the last piece the same way
- Once secure you can now start bending petals down starting with the outside and then working your way in
- You will then glue the sunflower center to your wreath

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