Paper Folded Cone Ornament

Today Maymay shows you how to create the Paper Folded Cone Wreath in ornament size.  You don't want to miss this!

What you need:
- 12 pieces of paper that are 2" x 2"
- 3" x 3" piece of chipboard
- 3/4" Circle
- 2" Scallop Circle for center
- Art Glitter Glue
- Bling if desired
- 3/8" Metallic OHHH So Trendy Ribbon ) - Silver
- Embossing Stylus Set
- Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch
- EZ Beader Tool
- Scotch Double-Sided Foam Mounting Tape
- Find the center of the 3" x 3" chipboard
- Fold the 3/4" circle in half and in half again to find the center
- Glue the 3/4" circle to the center of the chipboard

How to make the cone template:
- You will need a 2" x 2" piece of chipboard
- On top corner mark 1" on both side
- On bottom corner mark 1/4" on both sides
- Connect the marks and then cut out on the lines

To create the cones:
- Put your template on top of your 2" x 2" square and fold over the template
- Remove the template and glue the corners together
- Do this with remaining squares

To Assemble:
- You will use the lines that you drew on the chipboard base to line your cones up on and glue down with point touching the circle
- Continue this around the circle
- Some might not line up perfectly and that is ok
- You will decorate the center and won't notice
- Once you have glued folded paper pieces down you will take your 2" scallop circle and place a sticker on center or you can use a stamp on the center
- Prop up the circle on 3 pieces of foam and line up to where you want your top to be
- Use crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the top to run ribbon through to create hanger for tree

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