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One Roll Wonder Mesh Wreath

Posted by Shannon Woodfin on

Products Used:
1 Wreath Form we used a 15" form that has 18 twists 
1 Roll 10"x10 yard Mesh
1 Roll 2 1/2" Ribbon
1 Roll 1 1/2" Ribbon
1 Bag 10 Yards Flex Tubing
1 Sign of Choice

Supplies needed:
- Scissors or rotary cutter
- Ruler - for measuring ribbon and making tape template
- 10" piece of tape marked at 7" and 8" or you can use your cutting mat

Cuts to Make:

-18 pieces of mesh to cover the form
-21 pieces to make the loops, this will be your leftover mesh
- 6 pieces of 2 1/2" Ribbon cut to 36"; dovetail ends
- 6 pieces of 1 1/2" Ribbon cut to 36"; dovetail ends
- 6 groupings of flex tubing as shown in video  

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  • After seeing your video I decided that THIS was the wreath I wanted to make to honor my mother. I had received a large number o cookie cutters that we used while growing up & I had wanted to display them in a unique way. I bought some “ginger” looking net and some red ribbon (I already had a roll of ribbon from Michaels that I bought over 20 years ago that said “Got Cookies?” & I used this to tie on the cookie cutters to the bows/wreath. I also found a large decorative plaque for the center that simply said “Baked with Love”. Such a beautiful tribute! I was so excited how it came out!

    Toni Guchereau on
  • Just found you and just started wreath making. You are the best. I’ll be back. Thank you.

    Michele L on
  • This is the first time I am watching you and you make wreath making very easy and enjoyable. I am looking forward to start making my wreaths using the blue tape measurements. Thank you.

    Anita Gaston on
  • You are a great teacher. I have never made a wreath but I am so excited to try one.

    Beverly Woods on
  • This is the first time I’m watching your video. You are a wonderful teacher! Love the blue tape “ruler”!

    Sandy Oliva on

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