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One Roll Wonder Mesh Wreath

Posted by Shannon Woodfin on

Products Used:
1 Wreath Form we used a 15" form 
1 Roll 10"x10 yard Mesh
1 Roll 2 1/2" Ribbon
1 Roll 1 1/2" Ribbon
1 Bag 10 Yards Flex Tubing
1 Sign of Choice

Supplies needed:
- Scissors or rotary cutter
- Ruler - for measuring ribbon and making tape template
- 10" piece of tape marked at 7" and 8" or you can use your cutting mat

Cuts to Make:

-18 pieces of mesh to cover the form
-21 pieces to make the loops 
- 6 pieces of 2 1/2" Ribbon cut to 36"; dovetail ends
- 6 pieces of 1 1/2" Ribbon cut to 36"; dovetail ends
- Cut flex tubing as shown in video
- Cut tubing as instructed in video

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  • Your instructions were so easy and I’m so hoping mine turns out half as nice as yours. I’m going g to try making a large bumble bee and a small bee hive with burlap string. Thank you so much.

    Debby Patton on
  • I watched a replay of your wreath tutorial you did one year ago. It was fantastic. You gave me so many helpful hints. I didn’t realize you can use window pane mesh for a whole wreath.

    JoAnn Lankenau on
  • I have had mesh rolls sitting in my craft room for 2 years! I wasn’t sure how to make it or if I wanted to spend a week making it. I must have a book of paper instructions but just couldn’t get started. Thank you so much for making this project easy to understand and in a time line that I can finish and enjoy it!!

    Cheryl on
  • Oh my goodness…. I’ve watched tons of videos BUT this one has finally given me the conference I need to make my first wreath for my mommy she loves Cardinals so I’m making her a cardinal wreath for Christmas for her new sun porch. I can’t wait to get the supplies I need to get start. Thank you for the one roll wonder video !!!

    Tammy on
  • Oh my gosh, I have been making wreaths for years, but this video is the best! Thank you for solving all my problems same as yours…..never knowing how much mesh when you have leftovers……..this helped me out so much, thank you!

    Chelle on

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