Hi! Bug here from @mediocreartsandcrafts. I can not tell you how excited I was when Maymay released this Recipe Card Builder stamp set! It is one of my favorite things! As a vegetarian I really liked the idea of pairing it with the Homegrown Echo Park collection to create a little recipe card keeper. I am using envelopes as my base, so this project can easily be scaled up to add a few more pockets. If you’re following along at home be sure to measure the envelopes you are using, to determine the size of your recipe cards and your layers since standard envelopes may still have varying pocket and flap sizes. You can find the complete video tutorial on my YouTube channel here:


Recipe Card Builder stamp set

Echo Park Homegrown collection

4~ 5”x7” envelopes

20 pieces (five for each envelope) of white cardstock cut to 5”x7”

White ribbon or some magnets

Art Glitter Glue

Versa Fine Onyx Black ink

Versa Clair Green Oasis ink

Cutter Bees Scissors

Paper trimmer


Teflon bone folder


Fiskars Stamping Blocks


Cutting Measurements:

Echo Park Homegrown collection cut to:

            4@ 2”x7”

            4@ 4 ¼” x7”    

            4@ 5 1/8” x 7”


·Stamp up your recipe cards. These 5”x7” cards are too big for my MISTI but if you have a larger one, use that to make easy work of assembly line stamping your cards. You’ll still have to do multiple passes unless you can line your stamps up to all fit at the same time



·It took me four passes to stamp my cards.  One for the bottom row of images, one for the left side images, another for the lines.  Then I realized I wanted the word “Recipe” across the top so I went back and stamped that. Color your cards with colored pencils.




· If you are using your tab stamp, stamp those out first and then do the category name stamping.  I used the green to match some of the designer paper I am using. For the word “Meats” I masked off the letter M to create the word “Eats” on my tab! You could also stamp these on some designer paper that has a simple design. Cut these out. Fold by hand or use your scoreboard.




·Score two of your envelopes about ¼” into the flap. This creates the fold for your pocket page as well as a mark to line up the next envelope.  Open three of the envelopes and glue together connecting the bottom of the next envelope to the previous flap, as shown.



·Cover envelopes as shown in the pics – First the strips at the top of your pockets, then the pocket covers.



·Before gluing cardstock on the outside of your book, take a second to decide if you want a magnetic or ribbon closure.  It will stay shut without one, but will be a little more compact with one.  Glue down your ribbon or magnets now.


·You can put up to five cards in each envelope. Pick out a few stickers to decorate your book.


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