Hi! Bug here from @mediocreartsandcrafts. This mini album design came to me when I was scoring card bases. It uses the book binding design, but is modified to create space between the pages – this creates a larger area between pages so you can add some bulky embellishments, without giving it that wonky, overstuffed look.


Carta Bella Summer Market Collection
White Cardstock
Fancy Ribbon
Art Glitter Glue
Paper Trimmer
Teflon Bone Folder


1. Cut six pieces of cardstock to 4 ½” x 11”
2. With the paper in your scoreboard at 11” West to East, score each sheet at:
a. 4 ¼”, 5”, 5 ½”, 6” & 6 ¾”
3. Fold as shown in picture - Fold in half at the 5 ½” score.
a. Keeping the paper folded in half, fold again at the scores that are both ½” away. (These were the two scores at 5” and 6” when the sheet was unfolded)
b. Fold again at the next set of scores (these are the two scores at 4 ¼” and 6 ¾” when the sheet was unfolded)
4. Glue the smallest folded section down. Glue the next folded section together (on the ‘inside’) as shown, to form a ‘book binding’
5. Stack your six pieces of folded up glued cardstock on top of each other. I only put glue on the small ½” section of cardstock. Use your work surface to make sure they stack up nicely and are aligned on all four sides.
6. Cut a sheet of white cardstock to 4 ¼” x 10 ½” and glue around your book to make a plain white cover – You can score before gluing down – at 4 ¼”, 5”, 5 ½” & 6 ¼”.
7. Cut 26 4”x4”squares of designer cardstock and glue onto your pages. You will have about 1/8” boarder of the white cardstock showing on all sides.
8. Grab some of your favorite ribbon and glue a couple 16”-18” strands on to your plain cardstock cover.
9. Cover with a piece of the designer cardstock and decorate with stickers from the sticker sheet.

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