Maymay's 2021 Spring/Summer DT Brittanee Bentley~Pumpkin Card

Brittanee here with @bbz_kraftz with a way of utilizing what you have to get a style that you want without having a big electronic machine or numerous different cutting dies. This fun pumpkin is super simple and fun for the festive fall season!


Tools you’ll need:
Tonic Studios Teflon Bone folder
Bearly Arts Precision Craft Glue
Dress My Craft Oval Stitch Dies
Orange (or your favorite pumpkin color), green and brown cardstock
Dress My Craft Border Punch
Metal die cutting machine
Sentiment (optional)
Tim Holtz Distress Oxide (coordinating color) (optional)
Distress tool (optional)
Black marker (optional)


Cutting guide:
8 ½ x 11 cardstock folded in half lengthwise or scored at 5 ½ on the 11 side.
8 ½ x 11 cardstock for creating a template
Small scrap of brown cardstock
(1) 1 ½ x 11 green cardstock


How to:

~~You’ll take your non folded cardstock and begin creating a template. Using the 2nd oval from the largest (or you can go smaller) and place the die on your cardstock with the cutting portion facing up. You’ll then trace the oval and move the die right next to your trace oval and trace again. Then move it in the middle of your traced ovals and trace. From there, move the die between the first traced oval and the middle (the one you just did) and trace. Repeat between the middle and the last oval. You should now have 5 traced ovals. Place the die to the side.



~~You’ll now cut out your traced circles according to the picture. Just the outside edge. If it helps, trace around the edge as pictured. OPTIONAL: if you want to create a matting layer for the inside of the card, trace your template on the desired cardstock and cut inside of the traced lines to have a border for your mat.



~~Now take your folded cardstock and apply your template on top. Depending on which die size you chose, it may be bigger than the initial folded size. Which is fine, it’ll still work in the end since the decorative work is being done to the top only. Placing it closer to the opened side of the folded cardstock leaving a bit of your template hanging over the folded edge of the cardstock, trace around the template to create the card base. OPTIONAL: Use distress oxide around the edge of the cut out card base to add more definition.



~~You’ll then take the same oval die that you traced with, and cut out 5 ovals with your die cutting machine. If you distressed your card base, make sure you distress the ovals too. Taking your adhesive and place first, your outer left and right ovals. Leaving a bit of an overhang on both sides.



~~Take your scrap piece of brown (or brown like color) cardstock to create a stem. Your paper doesn’t have to be huge for this, nor do you have to be a talented artist to create it. Do it however you like. I utilized the corner of my cardstock and drew a small and larger “open parentheses” for a curvier look. Afterwards, cut out your stem and distress that as well if you need to.




~~Now we’ll take our green strips as well as our border punch and begin punching. Make sure you follow the punch’s guide to have an even and straight punch. Punch both sides of the strip. Distress this piece as well if desired.



~~Take the edge of your bone folder and “scrape” it against your green strip to create a curl. Keep curling until you’ve reached your desired curl. Cut in half. If you're wanting a spiraled look, twist the paper as shown in the picture.




~~Now add your stem to the center towards the top and add one of your green strips. You’ll now work on adding your middle ovals. To give it more dimension, add foam tape to both ovals and place them down more towards the middle. Make sure you’re following the hump “guide” from your card base. Start with one and figure out your placement of the second one first, before adding foam. These will overlap, so you don't want to put foam on top of the entire oval. Just where needed and use your wet glue to adhere the non foam portion to the other oval. Before adding your last oval, place your other green “leaf” strip where you want and then add the middle oval using foam tape. If you want to add more definition to your pumpkin, add some black lines around the pumpkin edges. Also add a chosen sentiment using stamps, dies, stickers, etc.


I do hope this pumpkin will bring you joy in creation, as well as to others. No worries about waiting till midnight for your pumpkin to appear!

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