Maymay’s Pictorial Design Team Merry & Bright Christmas Packaging

Hi crafty peeps! Robin here with a quick, easy packaging idea to give those last minute gifts for Christmas! This would be perfect to have on hand. This finished bag measures about 5x7 inches, which is a great size for quick gift giving. Let's get started!


Mintay Merry and Bright 12x12 Paper collection

 Memory Lane stamp set

OHHH So Trendy 3/8" ribbon in gold

EK Tools Confetti Hydrangea punch

Aqua blue cardstock 12x12 (2 sheets)


Tonic Studios Teflon Bone Folder


Art Glitter Glue

Double sided  tape

1) This box bag is perfect for those gifts that may have slipped our mind or for anyone! No wrapping involved!

2) Gather the cardstock. Cut cardstock Tom 9 x 11” ( both pieces)..... On the 9 inch side score at 1 and 6 inches. On the 11 inch side score at 2 1/2 and 10 ". On the 11" side with the larger rectangles towards you as shown, cut on first score line up to horizontal score, cut a small triangle. The next score line cut up to score line, cut a small wedge. Rotate paper to left, cut a small square on the left off, then wedge into 1st score line. Make a small triangle or wedge on 2nd score up to horizontal line, cut on score line. Rotate paper, cut on 1st core line up to horizontal score, next score line cut up to horizontal line, cut a small triangle and cut a wedge on the end. Rotate paper once more to left. Cut on 1st and 2nd score lines up to horizontal line, then cut small triangles on the tab to the right.


3) After cutting this is what you will have as shown. Repeat step 2 for the other 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Fold and burnish all score lines.

4) Adhere 1 inch tabs to larger 2 1/2 inch tabs using double sided tape and Art glitter glue to make one piece and form a rectangle.

5) Glue the 2 1/2" tabs in to form the bottom of the bag.

6) Cut decorative paper, 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 ", for mats for front and back of bag. Adhere these using adhesive of choice. I chose to use the beautiful Mintay Merry and Bright paper and let the Christmas scenes be the focus and used the Art Glitter Glue to adhere them. At the top of the bag, glue the 1 inch tabs inside. Then punch holes and attach the Ohhh So trendy ribbon by tying knot on the inside of the front and back. I decided to make a simple card using papers from the Merry and Bright collection and the aqua cardstock to coordinate with the bag.

7) Now to decorate! I used the EK Hydrangea punch to make layered flowers.

8) Stamped sentiments using the Memory Lane stamp set and glued the flower punches on top of each other to make the layered flowers.

9) Here's our finished product.

Let us see yours, if you try this, post your pictures on our customer gallery! Until next time, Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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Michelle H

Michelle H

The paper makes this so pretty. Love the non traditional blue even though I’m a very traditional girl!

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