Maymay’s Mintay Paper Designer Michelle’s Hanging Frame Card

Hello! It’s Michelle with a Mintay Winterland hanging frame card project. You can give this as a greeting card or a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree.

Supply List:
Step One:
Cut out frame shown from book.

Step Two:
Paint edges of frame with fingertip and let dry.


Step Three:
Line back of frame with foam tape.

Step Four:
Stick frame to patterned paper and glue an image from collection in the center.

Step Five:
Cut paper background off evenly around frame. A card-stock backing can also be added at this point but not necessary because the patterned paper is double sided.

Step Six:
Punch heart and glue string loop to top back.

Step Seven:
Make a paper bow. You can follow Maymay Made It Easy Peasy Bow on YouTube. My strip measured 7-1/8” x 1”  For the bow video click here~

Step Eight:
Cut card base at 9-1/4” x 6” then score and fold at 4-5/8”

Step Nine:
Adhere frame with double stick tape and lightly press. The frame can be removed and used as an ornament & hung.

I hope that you enjoyed this project. Happy holidays!

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