Loading SVG's for your stamps on iPhone and iPad


OPEN ME FOR LINKS TO SVGS AND MORE: In this video I show you how to upload and cut the free SVG's that come with our stamp sets. Today I show you on iPhone and iPad, I will be showing you on your computer soon.

I use affiliate links when possible, using these links to purchase awards me a small commission. Items used in this video are all purchased by me, if and when an items is sent to me I will denote that by using ** next to the item.

Cricut Joy Bundle (the one I purchased) http://shrsl.com/2qlz6

Cricut Joy Regular Mat http://shrsl.com/2qlzl

Neenah White Card Stock https://bit.ly/39QtHxj

Alabaster White Card Stock https://bit.ly/3p6qwYT

Versafine Ink https://bit.ly/39OsJBJ

Fiskars Blocks https://bit.ly/393fm1i

As the Deer Stamp Set https://bit.ly/393D4Lb

Maymay Stamp Sets https://bit.ly/360u2g1

Maymay SVG’s https://bit.ly/3p3MGLt

Brutus Monroe Cargo Sleeves https://bit.ly/35YqQRS

Share your work on our customer gallery here: https://bit.ly/3cSdj0C

Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/ZpGb7D7NZb

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