How to Upload Maymay Stamp Set SVG Files to Cricut

Hey everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Today I wanted to do a short tutorial on how to upload the SVG files that are included in some of Maymays stamp sets. These are what is called a digital die. It is super simple and I really hope I can help you all learn how to do this. You start by coming to Maymays website. The link to Maymays' site is  Once you are there you need to go to the red menu bar and under blog tab you will see the SVG tab. This usually gives you a links to the blog posts which will include the svg file download link. Once you have that located you simply download that to your desired location. To upload this to the cricut cloud, you log in to your cricut homepage and you click on create a new project, which is usually represented by a plus sign. Once you have that window open, you click on upload which is located on the left of your screen and find your svg file and upload your file. You can choose to change the name to help you find the file better and also add tags to help you locate it. Your svg file is now uploaded and it will be there always since the cricut is a cloud based service. The next step is to make sure your image is locked and resize it to 4 by 6 since that is the size of this stamp set. You select the image and also attach it and it will cut the images exactly where they are on your screen. Then you hit the make it now button and your cricut is ready to cut your svg file. I hope it will be easier for everyone to be able to use the digital dies. The digital dies adds another layer of creativity to your projects. Thank you so much for joining me today, hope you all have a blessed day. 

Supplies Used

Power Flower

Neenah Cardstock

Cricut filesNeenah cardstockPower flower svg filePower flowersSarmin lancaster

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