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How I store my Maymay Made It Stamps

Posted by Tracy Dennis on


It's the time of year that we start to think about organizing and organizing systems, so here is a video about how I store Maymay Made It stamp sets. This system is something that works for me for now, but I do love the Plastic Sleeve method that I will probably convert to eventually but a bit costly considering I have about 100 Maymay Made It Stamp Sets. For now this works for my craft space and this system may work for you too. 

All you need is a inexpensive Photo Box (Got mine from Michael's), clear tape, scissors, and All your awesome Maymay Made It Stamp Sets.

Stamps used in this video;

 Sassy Birthday

Never ending Calendar


squeeky clean

Hope you like this system and give it a try, Happy Organizng!!!   ~Trace 

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  • This seems so easy. I will try it!!!

    Barbara on

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