Flower Bag Pot by Crystal Cleveland

Flower Bag Pot

by Crystal Cleveland

A teachers job is a thankless job. dealing with 15+ children in the classroom every day with 15+ different personalities,different behaviors, different Academic-struggles. It's a job that I don't think they get enough credit for and it is definitely a job that I don't  want. So every year I always try to come up with something different to show the teachers how much I appreciate all their hard work and effort and all the thankless hours that they put in.  This year I've decided that I was going to give them each a potted plant actually a potted herb namely thyme. Yes it's a play on words thyme for time. So here's the different creations that I came up with.

To begin with I placed each of the pots in a freezer Ziplock quart size bags quart since my plants were in a biodegradable pot and a little damp, and folded the top down.

As you can see from the pictures I also used a silk flower, for those of us that have a brown thumb.

I took 2 lunch size paper bags and placed one inside the other one to give it more strength. I tore about 2-3 inches off the top of the bag. Next I folded the bag down a couple of inches so the pot was covered but not the plant.


Now's the fun part you can leave the bag plain, or you can dry emboss it and ink it or you can add designer series paper to it or add book paper or even newspaper. Whatever you want. You can leave it simple or you can make it as fancy as you like.

I embossed this bag and then rubbed ink on it with a sponge dauber.

Next I wrapped the bag with ribbon or jute whatever you have around the bag to cinch the bag a little tighter around the pot. Either tie with a bow or knot.

I attached this sentiment on a wooden skewer and added a bow

Next I added a sentiment or 2.

I layered them together with banners and doilies etc. I also made a flag and a tag. Just use your imagination. Make it simple or as fancy as you want.

The colors on the sentiments coordinate with SU watermelon wonder and pear pizzaz.

These bag pot covers could also be used for birthdays, anniversary, church luncheons etc.

I used the following items:

Maymaymadeit stamp sets:

I also used the following materials:

See what you can do with this quick and easy last minute project you can make for your child's teacher in a snap. I've even included a PDF file so you can print off the sentiments that I used. They are sized so each one will fit either the rectangle, oval or circle stamps in the Maymaymadeit Stitched Shapes stamp set. They also coordinate with SU colors Watermelon Wonder and Pear Pizzaz.

Don't forget to share your flower bag pot on maymaymadeitandsodidi facebook group we all love to see your work.

Happy Crafting!!



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I just love this idea! I would be delighted to get this as a gift!

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