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2017 Holiday Planner with FREE printable

Posted by Tamatha Luehrs on


Each year I make a holiday planner for myself to keep up with all I have going on during the season.  This year, I had the help of two friends, Mandy and Lisha, with their help I think I have a really great planner and I wanted to share it with you.  I have put together a step by step video showing you how I made mine using Lisha's instructions from her YouTube channel and with the free printables below.

Lisha has several videos on her channel where she teaches how to make this style of planner and she made one for me last year that I love and wanted to try to make myself.  I love how mine turned out.  Check out her channel for her video about the planner here.

The video below is telling you how to print the calendar step by step, there are a few tips and trick to get it to line up just right and you don't need to have a printer that can do front and back to make it work.  Be sure to watch this video to see exactly how to get the print perfect for your book.

The free printables can be found here by clicking on each of the 4 parts and downloading them to your computer to print.

Instructions for printing:  Print November part a.pdf, Set stack of paper on table, WITHOUT flipping, move to new stack. Print November part b. Set stack of paper on table, WITHOUT flipping, move to new stack. Same for December part a.pdf and December part b.pdf

November A

November B

December A

December B

Supplies needed to make the planner: 

Tim Holtz Ruler

Corner Chomper

Crop a dile Hole Punch

3/16 eyelets (from my stash)

placemat from dollar tree

elastic string from Walmart


For the folder 12x11 piece of paper, scored on the 12-inch side at 8 1/2, turn and score it at 5 1/4 up to the first score mark, 5 1/2 all the way down and 5 3/4 to the first score mark.

Placemat cover is 12 x 9 inches.


I hope you enjoy your Holiday planner as much I as I am, I love to fill it up with fun holiday events and memories!


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  • Thank you very much! Dang. You’re awesome! Instead of a planner, I made a sketchbook for my 10 yo. My 99 cents store didn’t have placemats, so I used the plastic cover from a 3 ring binder (poop emoji lol). It’s a hair smaller than yours. She will LOVE it. May I show my Girl Scouts how to make these as a fundraiser for a service project for our local animal shelter?

    Alix Mac on
  • Thank you so much for the great videos. I love the calendar print out. Please think of designing more of them for the rest of the year. Crafters need to organize purchases and inventory. Please let us know, I will be purchasing one.

    Barbara kurpiewski on
  • Thanks for sharing the printables. I have not crafted in over 15 years, due to illnesses. but after watching you tube I now feel like I might be able to try again. Everything has changed so much. have to start trying to get supplies,

    Christina Maribona on
  • What a fantastic tutorial. I absolutely love how you made this planner. My head is wheeling with ideas! Ha! First stop, $ store. Thanks so much for sharing this great idea.

    Stefanie on
  • These printables are wonderful! However, my printer prints the last page first so I did not have to re-order my pages. Just a little tip – check and see whether your printer prints from 1-12 or 12-1. I cannot wait to make some of these for myself and friends!

    Molly on

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