Graduation Cap and Gown card with Gift Card by Crystal Cleveland



With graduations just around the corner I thought I'd share this classy card for your special person in your life on one of their many milestones.

materials needed:

card stock 2 colors what ever their school colors may be. (I'm using night of Navy and silver)

4 1/4" x 11" main color plus a tiny scrap to punch a  3/4 " circle

2 pieces of 4"x4" secondary color

scraps of yellow or gold card stock for the cord and tassel

1 1/2"x 2 1/2" white  card stock for the diploma

6" piece of gold cord, ribbon or baker's twine to tie around the diploma

2 1/2" square die cut or a 2 1/2" square made from card board for a template for the hat

How Many stamp set from Maymaymadeit

Happy thoughts stamp set from Maymaymadeit

coordinating inks for stamping

tear and tape

foam tape

glue dots

art glitter glue

 Diagonal striped embossing folder (optional)

take your 11" x4 1/4" paper and score it at 4.25 and at 8.5 inches


Take and place the  2.5" square die and place on the 8.5" score line. Lining the corners up on the score line and centering it in the middle of the card. Run it through your Big Shot. If you don't have the die then place a card board template on the card and out out with an x-acto knife. DO NOT THROW AWAY the square it's the cap!!

Place the card in the embossing folder only to the score line ( half of the square cut out)

Fold the card at the score lines. I cut off a 1/16" of an inch on the 4.25" side without the embossing, so the card wouldn't be on a bind. Now trim 1/16" off of the square piece (cap) and turn it 90 degrees and cut 1/16" off again so the card will open smoothly.

 Glue the 4x4 card stock to the main card (see photo) stamp the bottom right corner with your sentiment. I am using metallic poster board and ink won't stick to it, so I heat embossed my sentiment on card stock and then cut it into a banner and used tear and tape to attach it to the poster board. 

Glue the square to the card only gluing 1/2 of the square. Make sure it opens smoothly before you glue it down. It will have a score line on it but that's okay.


Take your white card stock piece and using your bone folder and curl the card stock long ways. curling both directions of the paper to break the fibers. place a piece of tear and tape long ways on the end of card stock on the inside and roll the card stock up to it.see pic. Tie ribbon or card around the card stock and tie into a bow. Place a glue dot on the back of the Diploma centering over the ribbon to hold it into place. Now attach it to the front at an angle and 1/3 of it over the front flap so it will be the closer for the card. As you see I used a scrap piece that's white on the other side.


From the gold card stock cut a piece that's 1/16" x 2"(cord) and a piece that's 1" x 1 1/2"(tassel). On the tassel piece place a piece of tear and tape across the 1 1/2" side placing the tape on the edge of the card stock, then using scissors cut fringe up to the tear and tape. remove the tear and tape backing and place the cord in the middle of the fringe and having the end even with the fringe. Now roll up the fringe. It should look like a witch's broom. 

Attach foam tape to the back of the 3/4" circle and add the tassel and place in the middle of the hat. Adjusting the cord length if needed.

On the last 4x4" piece cut half of a 2 1/2 circle off one end. Stamp what ever sentiment you want. I added some stars. Place tear and tape on the edges of the 3 straight sides and place on the bottom inside of the card place the piece all the way to the bottom to make room to place a gift card inside and your done!!!

I know this seems complicated, but it's not. Once you make one, you'll be addicted. 


 Examples of the card in different school colors







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