The Ink Den By The Clack Shack & Maymay Made It {C102}

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Has this ever happened to you?

Ever wish you had an extra hand while crafting?

Well now you can???

Introducing…the ink den by the Clack shack and Maymay Made It

Now when using your Maymay suggested ink pads you will no longer have to leave your project unattended to freshen up your ink blender. 

The ink den holds three ink pads at a time and better yet! It holds three different pads in one spot!

Specifically designed for this shape pad, this shape pad and this shape pad. 

The Ink Den is your three in one tool to keep your desk clear!

(Haha, who are we kidding, it’s actually designed to fit in the tiny space you are able to clear to craft in!)

Due to the labor intense process of creating The Ink Den they are sold in limited quantities each release. Don’t wait! Get yours today at, that’s


No representation is made to the amount of extra crafting Joy The Ink Den will deliver!

Ink pads not included.

CLUBMEMBER discount does not apply to this item.

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