Maymay's G's Teddy Bear Lane 4x6 Stamp Set {A43}

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This set is so sweetly designed, it combines my love for Christmas with my lovely friend Gareth's love for Christmas and English culture.  The set is 4x6 inches and is perfectly sized for A2 sized cards as well as scrapbook layouts and tags.
The Teddy Bear is solely to represent Gareth and nickname on YouTube.  The North Pole is for the wonderful sentiments that will all fit neatly inside the sign affixed to the candy cane striped pole.

So many extras with this set, from the 8 sentiments to the English style accessories.  The monocle and top hat make Teddy so dapper.  The geeky glasses transform the Teddy into a smartie bear!  Should Teddy be in a snowy winter theme he may need his scarf and hat to keep him warm.  Not to be ignored are the single Christmas bulb, perfect to wrap around the pole or stamp on a hand drawn string and the holly berry and leaf, just in case you need it!

The lantern is created so that your North Pole can be lighted from above or just adorned with out the lantern.

So many possibilities with this stamp set, make your Christmas cards unique with this truly unique set.

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