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World Card Making Day Design Team Blog Hop and Giveaway

Posted by Tamatha Luehrs on

What's the best way to celebrate World Card Making Day?? Well, it's to learn how to make your own cards! We are having a good ole card making blog hop! Several of our the Design Team Members are showcasing non-A2 size cards to inspire us and to remind us that the best gifts come from the heart, hands and our own creativity.  So get out there and try making a card for today's for the event.  The only limit to a card is your imagination, so gather up those supplies, create and send your friends and family a homemade card to celebrate World Card Making Day! 


Win a $25 Gift certificate to Maymay Made It online store. 

It is so simple to enter! Just leave a comment on this post to answer this question: 

When has a card made a difference in your life? Either receiving one or giving one? 

The contest will begin on Saturday, October 7th at Noon CST and will end October 7th at Midnight CST. We will pick lucky winners using at the end of the giveaway and post the winners names on all of the Maymay Made It social media outlets.

~Entrants must be 18yrs old or have a parent's permission. This contest is open internationally. 

*Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway, entrants must be 18 or older or have parents’ permission to enter. This contest is open internationally.

**One of our Admins, Tamatha Luehrs will be monitoring all comments and contest entries.


 Links to the Design Team Videos: 


Tracy Phillips:

Stacy Williams:

Georgia Gibbs Carl:

Sarmin Lancaster:

Crystal Cleveland:

We want to see the cards you make today! So remember to head on over to our Facebook group Maymay Made It and So Did I to post your cards made today!. You can also showcase your project on our Customer Gallery on the website.

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  • My motto…a card a day will make anyone’s day…simple kindness.

    Sandra Stevens on
  • Sending a card is such a lost art. I have recently had a eye opening, life changing battle with cancer. I am so thankful that I have gone through treatments and am “clean” so far (waiting for that golden 5 year period). I received so many cards of encouragement, it was a humbling experience. I had decided that I would try to pay it forward with sending other cards of encouragement. I am so glad I found MayMays blog and you tube tutorials. My card making has a lot of improvement but am excited for the adventure.

    Donna Klaver on
  • I love cards. I love to send them more than receive them, so learning to make them is high on my priority list of things to do. The card(s) that really touched me the most has to be the ones my kids made in school. Oh wait, actually it’s the card that my now grown son sends. :) My daughter is great with cards but Nick? Well, let’s just say he is “too busy” to call, text, email or write. Lol So when he sent a card, I was overjoyed.

    Bonnie Graham on
  • My husband passed away in 2010 and I received so many uplifting cards of encouragement!

    Diane Demumbreum on
  • I’m the 24/7 Caretaker to my bed-bound, 91 year old Mother who suffers terribly with Dementia. Most days she has no clue who I am, and it’s a real struggle to get her to eat or drink anything. I began paper crafting, on and off, about 2 years ago in an effort to alleviate the stress I was feeling from the pressure of hardly ever being able to leave the house and Caretaking. But even that distraction or fun began to wane after awhile as my Mom’s condition continued to decline. That, plus the fact I sure wasn’t very good at card making and didn’t even know that many people to whom I could send cards in the first place. BUT THEN… I found Maymay… and then Vinnie… and then the rest of the family and crew!! Every night that I was able I’d watch a Maymay video and learn to make all sorts of wonderful cards. Words will never express the deep feelings I have in my heart for you both, and how many tears of joy and laughter y’all have brought me during this difficult time (I’m even crying as I type this). I was going into a deep depression, becoming full of anxiety, when I stumbled upon your YouTube channel, Amy. Watching you make cards, with your funny personality and Southern accent, let alone the silly and hilarious conversations between you and Vincent “The Sidekick” helped save my sanity like you will never, ever know. You two have remained the same loving, Christian people that you were when I first started watching you, which was when you were making videos in your apartment closet after your house fire. I feared you might “change” (in a negative way) with more success as time went on, but you guys stayed your same sweet selves. I truly feel like we’re best friends! Anyway, I discovered that there are hospitals and convalescent homes which take donated cards. Now that I can (sort of!) make a decent card, it has helped me with my depression to make cards and donate them to hospitalized children, etc. It makes my heart soar to feel that my creating might bring a smile to a sick child’s face or an elderly person, like my Mom, who might have no one ever visiting them. Sending these cards has brought joy to my heart, and I pray over all of them before they ship out. And it is YOU, Amy & Vinnie, that brought that to pass! No doubt about it. Love you both and pray for you daily. God bless. (Forgive my rambling.) ??

    Karen L Thompson on

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