Vinnie's Fav Customer Gallery Contest

Vinnie's Fave Customer Gallery Contest

Vinnie's Fav Customer Gallery Contest contest starts Nov 6th @ 3pm CST and ends on Dec 5th at Noon CST

This contest is to make projects that use the stamp set Vinnie's Fav
** Post a picture of your project on the website’s Customer Gallery. . The project must be posted on the Customer Gallery to be considered an entry. 
** Only one entry per post. You cannot enter several different photos on the same post, you will need to enter each Vinnie's Fav project separately for those to be considered in the contest. You can enter the contest several times, as long as the project meets the criteria.
** Only posts that are posted after 3:00 pm Nov 6th  2018 will be counted. No exceptions. If your project has been posted previously, do not repost as it will not be eligible.
**Projects must be new and made within the dates of the contest. Please don't enter projects made in the past.
**These must be complete projects, not just a picture of the projects still in progress or digital images. The entry must be a completed project to be considered.
**The prize will be a $50 gift certificate to the Maymay Made It store

**I will use to choose a winner at the end of the giveaway and post the winner’s name and a picture of the winning entry here on all of Maymay Made It social media outlets. 
Good luck, Have fun and Happy Crafting!!

~~~Entrants must be 18 or older or have parents’ permission to enter. This contest is open internationally. ~~~

**One of our Admins, Tamatha Luehrs will be monitoring all contest entries. 


CONTEST HAS ENDED: Wnner is Linda Borcherdt

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