Tuesday Live Project Pinwheel Wreath


 It's summer time!  Who remembers getting a pinwheel and playing for hours??? This wreath is the perfect way to bring the summer indoors! We are taking 6x6 paper and turning them into pinwheels!!! So gather up those supplies and let's create!

Supplies Needed:


Dots and Stripes 6x6 paper pad

12" wreath form, we made one out of cardboard

Art Glitter Glue

Bone Folder

Stylus tool



Dodz glue dots 


, then 

Directions: Fold the paper from corner to corner, then open and cut from the score lines toward the center, but stop about a 1/4 inch from the center. Do not cut the the center. Then pick a corner and bring it to the center and glue the corner down, do not crease the fold. You want it to be a rounded fold. Do this on all the sides, you only need to glue on corner on each side. We stacked 2 pieces of cardstock on top of each other before gluing the corners fora fuller look. We also made a mini pinwheel from a 3 x 3 piece of patterned paper ( do the same cutting and gluing for these minis) and glued to the center of the larger pinwheels. 

Next make a 12 inch wreath form from a piece of cardboard and hot glue the finished pinwheels around the wreath form. 

See the video for the construction of this fantastic wreath.

You can purchase the trimmer at Cricut.com and use the discount code MAYMAYMADE for 15% off and free shipping

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