Graduation Explosion Box Part One



BANG! POW! This card box is explosive!!! This explosion box packs a big punch! But is so easy to create! So gather up your supplies and join in to make a big explosion!! POW! KABOOM!

Supplies needed:


Art Glitter Glue

** Trimmer

Bone folder



Pen blades

Sticky sheets

Pokey tool


Corner rounder



-1 piece of cardstock at 12 x 12 (thick)  < score on 2 sides at 4 and 8 inches and on each corner at 1 inch to the first score line

-1 piece of cardstock cut to 9 x 9    < score on 2 sides at 3 and 6 inches

-1 piece of cardstock cut to 7 1/2 x 7 1/2  < score on 2 sides at 2 1/2 and 5 inches


-1 piece cut to 8 1/16 x 8 1/16 < score on 2 sides at 2 and 6 1/8 inches

Mortar board:

-1 piece of chip board and card stock cut to 6 x 6


Pictures of the inside of box:




You can purchase the trimmer at and use the discount code MAYMAYMADE for 15% off and free shipping

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I love the pocket idea.

I have been looking at corner rounders. Mine does very poorly on heavy paper or more than one layer. Do you like your chomper?

Bridget Willis

Bridget Willis

AWESOME video! I am making a wedding explosion Box with this tutorial. You make things so much more easy to do. I wish everyone would explain things the way you do. I will try to send you a photo of mine when its finished. Thanks for the inspiration and the instructions. I have a few magazines from the UK that have this in it but with their measurments, It so confusing to try to convert over that I get frustrated and quit. But that very day your video came up and It was a god send thanks so much!!! Have an awesome day!!!



I just love your videos! First I love listening to your southern twang. Secondary, you do really great projects that I could probably do. Thirdly, you explain and show everything so clear and slowly that it you make it that we all can make it. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful job.



I have 2 grandson’s graduating from “kindergarten” this year. They will love this exploding box. (If mawmaw can get them made)

Donna Chugg

Donna Chugg

This exploding box is fabulous. Takes it to a new level!! Love your tutorials :-)




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