Triangle treat boxes

 Hey guys, you have to give these easy peasy triangle treat boxes a try! These can be made without any fancy tools! So grab some cardstock and let's create! 

Supplies that may be used: 

Art Glitter Glue: this is for adding the embellishments

Cricut Trimmer be sure to use my coupon code MAYMAYMADEIT to get 15% off and free shipping on your trimmer and many other items on Cricut.

Bone Folder

Mini Scoreboard

Embossing stylus tool

TH ruler

TH scissors

Premium Trio Cardstock from BM and Maymay

Bushel and a Peck Stamp set 


Embellishments of your choice

hole punch


This project does not have specific measurements. You use any size rectangle and score in the center on the long side. Then you find the half way point on the shorter sides and make a mark. You will then score from the center fold score line to each mark that you made, this will make the triangle wedge shapes, that will be 4 score lines. Next, you will fold and burnish those score marks. You will then close one end and punch your holes, repeat for the other side. Decorate the box and the thread the ribbon through the hole to close the box. 

For the examples the Maymay made she used a 4"x 8" inch piece of cardstock and then scored at 4" on the longer 8" side. She made her " marks" on the shorter 4" side at 2" and then scored from the center score line to the "marks" to make the 4 wedges. 


You can purchase the trimmer at and use the discount code MAYMAYMADE for 15% off and free shipping
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Lynette Goin

Lynette Goin

I made 20 of these treat boxes for family and friends for Halloween. I stamped “Happy Halloween” on the front, added Dollar Tree stickers and fastened with orand and black shiny Dollar Tree chenille stems. They turned out really cute and everyone loved them. I was able to put 2 “fun” size M&M packs and 2 “bite size” candy bars in each one…
Thanks for an easy and fun way to share!

Tairy Land

Tairy Land

I was making that little purse with the slanted sides tonight and you made me laugh. Thanks. I needed the smile.

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