Spiral Ornament Tutorial


Time to get those Christmas ornaments started! Today are making a beautiful spiral ornament out of simple strips of patterned paper. This ornament can be a show piece on any Christmas tree. So gather up those supplies and let's create....

Supplies need: 

Patterned paper or Cardstock


Art Glitter Glue




**Cricut Trimmer**

Hole punch




Large ~12  pieces of patterned paper cut to  12 x 1 inches

Medium ~9  pieces of patterned paper cut to  9 x 1 inches

Small ~6    pieces of patterned paper cut to  3 x 1 inches

Cut the patterned paper to the listed 1 inch strips, then fold in half and glue together to form a more sturdy strip

* Punch a hole at the top and bottom of the strip

*Cut the twine to the needed length and tie a knot at one end

*String on 2 beads

*Thread the twine through one end of the strip, string a spacer, strip, spacer and so on until all strips are threaded

* Now thread the twine through the tops of the strips~ begin with the strip at the bottom of the stack

*Pull the twine tight to form the shape you want,then tie knot, then form a loop for hanging.

        This is the small size: 

This is the medium size: 

This is the large size: 


Check out the video to see how easy these come together. 

You can purchase the trimmer at Cricut.com and use the discount code MAYMAYMADE for 15%

off and free shipping

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

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Christmas in july




I tried to make one similar but it wouldn’t spiral correctly. With your instructions I got it to work perfectly. Now I can make a bazillion of them for Christmas! Thanks Maymay!



I made it and I love it! Maymay rocks!!? Tagged you on IG with a pic! Thanks doll!

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