Nuvo Aqua Flow Watercolor Pens review and demo


Today we did a great demo with Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens. These pens are uniquely designed to create a watercolor effect without the hassle and mess. The perfectly formed watercolor brush nib makes the pens extremely versatile and is perfect for adding small detail or color washing large areas. It is so easy to use these pens to create a masterpiece. So grab a cuppa cuppa and enjoy. 

Supplies used: 

Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens

Scripture Postcards 

Water brush

Uniball Gel Pens 

Nuvo Glitter Accents

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I love The Color of God’s Love and The Color of God’s Hope books that I bought back in April when I visited your store. These Nuvo Aqua Watercolor Pens are going to make it so simple and easy to watercolor with as long as you don’t press to much on them or you will end up with a big puddle. Just keep a folded paper towel nearby to catch the excess ink when you get to much unless you need a lot to color your area. I ordered another set of the books along with these Pens. You do need good watercolor paper to watercolor. Thanks for the demo on these as for some it will make it easier when they open and use, plus store them. Can’t wait to play with these pens.

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