Stationery Box  FREE Cricut Cut File



Hi, friends, so many of you asked if I would make a Cricut Cut file for the Stationery Box and I did it. I had several folks test cut it and it seems to be working fine.

The only thing you may run into is that it will need a larger 12x24 mat unless you just "pretend" that you have one...meaning, tell Design Space that you have 12 x 24 mat but just place your paper on your 12 inch mat with your paper just slightly over the bottom cut area edge. Look at your mat picture on your Design Space screen to see how to line it up.

If you have a 12x24 mat it shouldn't be a problem.

Also, you can always cut that base piece by hand and let the Cricut all your other pieces. It will cut and score them.

Have fun with this project and be sure to share yours with us, tag us on all social media so we can see them!

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