Why Didn’t I Have This YEARS ago?  Would have made my wreath life to much easier!  SWAT



We all love those big fluffy gorgeous mesh wreaths!! But do you love fighting that mesh to cut it? The struggle is real!!!  Well we have the perfect product to help you create those wreaths with NO STRUGGLE!!!  Today Maymay and Shannon show you the Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller. This handcrafted tool is amazing!!! 

This is the tool you need to help make all those holiday wreaths!!!! 

So grab a cold glass of ice tea ( my fave)  and settle in to see this fabulous tool in action! Plus Susie has given us a coupon code!!!!!!!! 


** Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Roller Website Link: https://www.simplify-organize.com/shop/?ref=125

Use code MAYMAY10 for 10% off

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