Owlvira by Crystal Cleveland

Owlvira By Crystal Cleveland

I have been going crazy with the Owlton and Owlivia stamp set. Dressing them up for Halloween in different costumes. When i showed them to Maymay she quickly responded that I need to make Owlvira!. After several attempts, and a lot of input from my family, I would like to introduce you to Owlvira. For those of you who don't know who I'm referring to google, Elvira, mistress of the dark.  

She is an internationally famous horror movie hostess for B rated horror films and also starred in a few comedy horror films as well.  So it was only right that she would be added to the costume lineup. But I did feel that she needed her own card.

This card is a 4" square card.

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I used the following materials to make this card:

 Maymaymadeit stamp sets:  

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