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Maymay's March Motivation ATC's

Posted by Amanda Ray on

Got the dreary weather blahs? That's ok. We have some March Motivation for you. 

Check out the video

Rules for participating in the "Non Swap" of ATC's.
Please, Create only 3 ATC's per package. You can submit as many packages as you would like.
Nothing can hang off the edge of the cards.
Shipping in states is a $3.00 money order.
Shipping Internationally is a $5.00 money order.

The printable PDF can be found by clicking here

March Motivations ATC's Ends April 30, 2019

*any left over shipping money will be donated to our current fundraiser- Walk In Love. Complete fundraiser details can be found here.

March Motivation Part One, ATC's that are massed produced.  I have included a link to the printable "pattern" showing you how I did my measuring in this video here.  Click here to see and print the pattern.


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  • I got started slowly… made 3 chicken ones (because I have Obsessive Chicken Disorder), 3 flower ones and 3 watercolor ones and then walked away from the ATC table for a couple of weeks. These past few days I’ve been experimenting with different papers – like mulberry papers and faux leather, and woven paper… and multimedia, braided string and metal pieces. I am SO looking forward to watching the reveal of the different ATCs you receive – and receiving some back! Now I’m going to try to settle into creating my ATC album. May your every day be blessed!

    Jeanne Coelho on
  • New to ATCs; I’m having fun making them. Another crafting monster has been created. Looking forward to sharing some of my small creations and using up those small scraps that I was saving for who knows what. ATCs!

    Carol Ann Feltus on
  • This will be my first crafting share group I will be doing I’m very excited. 😊

    Caroline M Knight on
  • This sounds like fun!

    Pamella Albright on

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