Maymay's Foli-o-li-o Swap Information


Swap Guidelines:

-- You will need to purchase your spot for the swap. You can click here to do that:

The last day to purchase a Swap spot is June 17th 2022

You will receive and email with all the details and an invite to the Swap Facebook group.

--You will need to create 2 folios that are our basic design and size ( the same as the one in our video) We have a two folio per person limit.

-- The two folios must have one slide out and 7 places for 4x6 photos.

--The folios cannot be any thicker. than 1' for both ( see the video)

--The deadlines to submit the two folios is July 11 2022 

--Please add your name on a card or slip of paper inside the folio so we know whose folio it is, we don't want you getting your own folio back

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