Hey y’all, this is Kim from @kgdcreative. I know most people are excited to see spring and many people LIVE for fall. I love summer…always have! I love everything about summer…the beach, fresh fruits (watermelon!!!), the beach, fresh vegetables, the beach (have I said that before?), the warm sun on my skin! That’s why I knew I would love this paper pack from Echo Park & Lori Whitlock…I mean who wouldn’t love ANYTHING from Echo Park & Lori Whitlock?? This paper pack is going to make so many great cards and if you are a scrapbooker, well…you HAVE to have it. Let’s get started on today’s mini slim line card.

Oval die or punch


Cut Guide:
Heavy white cardstock cut into:
Card base – cut 1 piece 6 ¼” x 6 ½”, score along the 6 ½” side at 3 ¼”
Echo Park paper:
Red Gingham piece – cut one card mat at 3” x 6”
Red Gingham piece – cut one strip ¼” x 6”
Red Truck piece – cut or punch an oval shape
Yellow Star piece – cut one strip 1” x 12”, cut in half at 6” and edge punch one side of each piece
Once you have all pieces cut from the cut guide, it’s time to assemble the card (this is so super simple but such a cute card!)
1. Using Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue, adhere the two yellow edge punched strips to the bottom of the card base with the bottom edge of the bottom strip about ½” from the bottom. Adhere them with the straight edges meeting and the scalloped edges pointing out. 
2. Adhere the ¼” red gingham strip along the area where the two yellow strips meet. 
3. Adhere the oval to the right side of the card using Scotch Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape. 
4. Locate the “Squeeze the Day” sentiment sticker from the sticker sheet. Because part of the sticker will be off of the oval piece, dust the back of the sticker with embossing powder bag to remove the stickiness. Glue the sentiment to the bottom right area of the oval with a small amount hanging off of the oval. You can place a small piece of foam mounting tape to the edge that hangs off if you are afraid it might get bent.
5. Locate the Mason-type jar sticker on the sticker sheet and adhere it to the inside of the card base on the bottom right corner for some visual interest inside the card. 
6. Adhere your completed card mat to the front of your card base. 
 Sign it and send it!!! Don’t hoard it. Use it to bless someone’s day. I just love this little card. More than that, I love this paper pack. 

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